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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Nuaimia One Tower



We’ll go into more detail about the benefits of buying an apartment in Nuaimia Towers in this blog. We’ll talk about the apartments’ prime location, their top-notch amenities, their high rental yields, their reasonable costs, and the project’s reputed developer. By the end of this blog, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of investing in Nuaimiya One Tower and why they should be on your list of possibilities when looking at UAE real estate investment prospects.


Reason #1: Excellent Location

The exceptional location of Nuaimiya Tower in the center of Ajman is one of the main factors making them a wise investment choice. These flats for sale in Ajman are located in the Nuaimia area, one of the most sought-after locations in the city. There are many advantages to the location, including quick access to significant landmarks and transportation hubs. The Ajman City Center, one of the biggest retail centers in the city, is only a short drive from the apartments. Additionally, the Ajman Corniche, a well-liked location for outdoor recreation and family entertainment, is a short distance away.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, one of the main highways in the UAE, is conveniently accessible from Nuaimia 1 Towers for individuals who commute. Additionally, a number of public transportation stops and metro stations, as well as bus stops, are close to the flats.

Moreover, the residents at Nuaimiya Towers have access to a variety of recreational facilities because of the complex’s location. The apartments are an appealing choice for families and nature lovers because they are close to a number of parks, including Al Jurf Park and Al Hamedia Park.

Overall, buying an apartment in Nuaimia Tower is a wise investment choice because of its fantastic location.


Reason #2: Luxury Amenities

The Nuaimia 1 Tower Apartments in Ajman provide a selection of amenities to meet the needs of residents in the modern world. The dedicated parking space supplied to residents is one of the most significant facilities, making it a practical option for people seeking a flat sale in Ajman. Parking for the building is available on four floors in a structure next to the tower. Outside the building, there are parking places for guests and visitors to utilize.

Three elevators in the building provide quick and simple access to every floor. Residents’ safety and security are guaranteed at all times thanks to 24-hour CCTV video surveillance for security and maintenance services.

The Muscle Mania Gym and Velocity Body Fitness Gym are within a 4-minute walk from the tower, which makes it a desirable choice for people searching for a flat sale in Ajman if they want to continue an active lifestyle. These gyms provide cutting-edge training equipment to meet the needs of all fitness lovers.

Families seeking a flat sale in Ajman may consider the Nuaimia One Tower Apartments’ pet-friendliness, which enables tenants to keep their furry friends with them. However, the management or landlords can be contacted for more information

In addition, there is 24-hour maintenance, which guarantees that any problems are fixed right away. Additionally, the building has central gas and garbage disposals, which are convenient for the occupants. The Nuaimia One Tower is a desirable alternative for individuals looking for a high standard of living and a flat sale in Ajman because of all these advantages put together.

Nuaimia One Tower

Luxuries in Nuaimia One Tower

 Reason #3: High Rental Yield

The high rental return provided by Nuaimia One Tower in Ajman is one of the main benefits of investing in them. Recent data indicate that Ajman has one of the highest rental yields in the UAE, with an average yield of almost 8%. Compared to other well-known cities in the nation like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this is substantially greater.

Additionally, the Nuaimia One Tower Apartments are ideally situated in a desirable Ajman neighborhood, making it a desirable choice for renters seeking a convenient location. For prospective renters, it is an even more enticing choice because of its close proximity to significant landmarks, transportation hubs, and recreational facilities.

The luxurious features that the building provides may also raise the flats’ rental value. High-end finishes, modern conveniences, and a pet-friendly policy can all help an apartment demand a higher rent, giving investors a larger return on their investment.

As a result of the prime location, high demand for apartment rentals nearby, and lavish facilities provided by the building, an investment in Nuaimia Towers in Ajman can provide significant rental yields. For individuals seeking a reliable rental income and long-term investment returns, it is a wise choice.


 Reason #4: Affordable Prices

The cost-effectiveness of Nuaimia One Tower is another strong argument for investing in them. The flats’ costs are very competitive compared to those of other nearby properties of a similar type, making it a great choice for investors searching for cost-effective properties.

For instance, Nuaimia One Tower Flats for Sale in Ajman range from one-bedroom apartments to spacious two-bedroom apartments. Here, we mention prices of 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom flats for sale in ajman Nuaimiya 1 tower.


Apartment Type Area (sq. ft.) Price (AED)
1 Bedroom 969 467,000
2 Bedroom 1,210 582,000
prices of apartments for sale in Nuaimia One Tower

In Nuaimia 1 Tower, you can buy a one-bedroom apartment for just 467,000 AED, and a two-bedroom apartment for just 582,000 AED, as you can see from the table above. The flats are a good investment opportunity for anyone wishing to invest in Ajman real estate without breaking the bank due to their affordable prices.

Both apartment styles are popular choices among prospective renters since they provide people with enough space to live comfortably. Nuaimiya One Tower offers affordable costs that will make your investment profitable whether you’re looking to buy a 1- or 2-bedroom flat.


 Reason #5: Developer Reputation

Investing in a property developed by a reputable developer is important to ensure the quality of the property and the timely delivery of the project. To guarantee the quality of the project and on-time delivery, it is crucial to invest in real estate created by a respected developer. GJ Developer, an established brand in the real estate sector with a strong record for delivering top-notch projects on time, is the developer of the Nuaimia Tower.

Throughout the UAE, GJ Developer has successfully finished a large number of projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial developments. They have a devoted customer base and a solid reputation in the business because of their attention to detail and dedication to perfection.

When considering purchasing a flat for sale in Ajman, it’s important to choose a developer with a proven track record of delivering quality projects. GJ Developer’s reputation for delivering on its promises and producing exceptional properties is a reassuring factor for potential buyers. By investing in a property developed by GJ Developer, buyers can have confidence in the quality of the property and the reliability of the developer.



In conclusion, buying an apartment at the Nuaimia Tower in Ajman is a smart move because of the building’s prime location, opulent amenities, high rental yield, reasonable rates, and respected developer. Important monuments, transportation hubs, and recreational amenities are all conveniently close by. The opulent amenities increase investment value and draw tenants. Affordable pricing and a high rental yield provide an alluring return on investment. For prospective buyers, GJ Real Estate’s track record of on-time, high-quality project delivery is comforting. In general, buying an apartment at the Nuaimia One Tower in Ajman is a wise financial decision.

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